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We recommend after extensive self-test the software AutobinaryEA. This is a semi-automatic trading software, which greatly facilitated our opinion the trade. The software can be tested for 90 days free of charge. It is not necessary anymore read more charts and trading works virtually automatically. The AutobinaryEA software can be downloaded free of charge here. Please the waiting list because currently there is a real Runn audf this program. The program is instaled in just a few moments and the action required to open your account quickly. As a start we recommend to insert about 250, – Euro. The trading is done via the Brooker Cedar Finance, with which the software has a direct connection. When evaluating the signals up to 11 indicators of Cedar Finance and then used even before the release, an expert opinion is drawn. View all in all very professional and safe.

The trades are opened automatically by the software. You can let the software run in the background and at positive signals an audible signal only after the trade has yet to be confirmed, and that’s it. If problems occur, then you can both to the support of AutobinaryEA or even Cedar finance contact, both sites offer a great support and help, even if the man should be emergency phone even further.


Auto Binary EA

During our test, all test questions wuren answered quickly and competently to our satisfaction. were always answered zufriedend. You may install this software for beginners as well as investors fortgeschritenen recommended because high profits with minimal risk in a short time are quite feasible. However, it must always be remembered that, of course, losses are not entirely excluded.

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